Plays: Teshta the Monkey

This is the Moroccan adaptation of Muna the Monkey. It is being taken to Bouhachem in Northern Morocco where BMCRif (Barbary Macaque Conservation in the Rif) are based. It will be taught to a local theatre group who will then take it to visit villages in the area and into the larger town of Tetouan on the coast to teach people who are at the supply end of the pet trade about the impact to the individual. This piece, is with the support of Wild Futures and PSGB.

BMCRif, 2010The play follows the true story of Muna the Monkey and her friend Ahmed the Tortoise. They are both wild-captured and sold in a market in Morocco. Bought for separate children by loving grandfathers they travel to the big town and then are abandoned in strange woods. The story-telling nature of the play encourages the audience to think about the happiness of the individual and how they might see our actions. The play hopes to decrease the demand for an exotic pet.

We can tailor it to different species and different country settings. We have a variation called Teshta the Monkey which is for a Moroccan audience and will be premiered in May 2013.


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