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We offer a number of activities that can be taken to any zoo or wildlife park and can be adapted to any species (including non-primate species). We have more structured activities for schools and walk-up activities for an informal setting. Most of these activities were designed to support Save Your Last Rolo-way so focus on palm oil but many can be tailored to other issues. For more pictures please visit our activities gallery.

Walk-up Activities

Monkey Biscuits

Children can choose from 4 different homemade primate biscuits and decorate them with palm oil-free icing and decorations.

Biscuits can be made to reflect the species you keep.

Making monkey biscuits

Mask Making

Children can choose from 5 different primate masks and learn a little about them as they colour them in and decorate them.

Masks can be designed to reflect the species you keep

Monkey masks

Sorting Game

A range of food products that have either 'vegetable oil', 'RSPO palm oil' or 'no palm oil' in them are available and children sort them into the different categories. Adults often find this exercise very informative.

Sorting game

Games for groups (schools or zoos)

Simian Says

The children are put into groups and are taught 5 key facts about a primate. These facts are what they are called, where they are from, what their status is, how they walk and how they talk. They then play 'Simian Says' with each group standing on a blanket that represents their habitat. As they play their habitat shrinks and they have to try and keep all the different members of their team on their blanket.

This can be adapted to any species of animal

Talk Like a Vervet

The children learn about vervets and their alarm calls for different predators. Then they run around as normal vervets and when they hear the different alarm calls they have to hide in the appropriate way or gobbled up by a predator!

This could be adapted to another species with distinct alarm calls.

Round the zoo/park/school

Primate Trail

We have designed a trail for Beale Park using features that make primates unique and comparing them to the other animals that they keep. It has run twice and had over 85 participants in the weeks it has run.

We can design a similarly themed trail for any zoo/park or a completely new trail.

Sample of information board

Sample of answer sheet

Monkey Athletics

A set of activities that test children's primate abilities. Great for the summer months, educational and active.

This activity is focused on primates as the order that humans belong to and thus will not need adaption for other species.

In the Classroom

Idea Generating

The students are asked to come up with ways to tell people about the issues they have learnt about, they are then encouraged to develop these ideas and depending on requirements can pick one idea in a group and develop a poster, advert campaign, merchandise, storybook, play, dance, song, poem or whatever else they can think of.


Students are given a conservation issue such as the conflict between human needs and those of animals and are separated into groups to debate the issue. Reading materials and visual aids are provided, our staff work with each group, encouraging them to develop their ideas and debating skills.

For adults

Pub Quiz

We have a pub quiz that has a special primate round. We have literature, history and sound rounds as well as general knowledge. It can be used at any adult event.



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