Plays: Muna the Monkey

Exotic pet trade

This piece, which is a collaboration with BMCRif (Barbary Macaque Conservation in the Rif) and with the support of Wild Futures and PSGB, is about the exotic pet trade. The demand for exotic pets such as reptiles like tortoises and primates like macaques is on the rise. With such animals that are not bred for domesticity and are often wild-caught the welfare in a captive setting is extremely difficult. BMCRif, 2010This can be hard enough for specialists to acheive and is basically impossible for civilians to manage.

The play follows the true story of Muna the Monkey and her friend Ahmed the Tortoise. They are both wild-captured and sold in a market in Morocco. Bought for separate children by loving grandfathers they travel to the UK where they both are not happy in captivity. The story-telling nature of the play encourages the audience to think about the happiness of the individual and how they might see our actions. The play hopes to decrease the demand for an exotic pet.

We can tailor it to different species and different country settings. We have a variation called Teshta the Monkey which is for a Moroccan audience and will be premiered in May 2013.


Muna being groomed by Albert and Lily in the rescue centre at the end of the piece. At the premiere, Beale Park, 2012.



Muna feeling happy at being groomed, she is able to tell them her story after this crucial bonding session. Beale Park, 2012



Muna going off to investigate the audience while an Animal Officer talks to the Old Lady about what she can do to help Muna. Beale Park, 2012.



When Muna has become very sad at living in a house away from her family with Dani and Yasmin she stops playing with them. Dani pokes her to see if she will play, she becomes very upset and tries to bite him. The Monkey Sanctuary, 2012.



After being left in the Park by Yasmin and Dani Muna is attacked by dogs. The Monkey Sanctuary, 2012.


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