Parents: Recipes

Here are 6 fun recipes (PDFs) to make with your kids that are palm oil-free.

Don't forget to check out the tips from our trustees and mini-MASCers.


Ben says, 'Try them with green or blue icing to make different coloured mushrooms or yellow icing to make a golden mushroom. Or even yellow with sliced cherries to make a MEGA-mushroom'

Joy and Aoife recommend putting cherries, white chocolate drops in the mix for an extra tasty treat.

Also try putting a spoon of Phildelphia in each brownie before you bake to make a brownie/cheesecake experience


Dominic and Joshua tried putting raisens in the mixture for extra chewyness


Kingsley says that if you put chocolate drops in the banana bread before you bake it then they go gooey!

Or even make a banana bread and a tray of brownies and stick them together for a banana and chocolate sandwich.

Download our templates to have your own gingerbread monkey shapes or make up your own. Decorate them with palm oil-free decorations like jelly diamonds



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