Hirers: FAQs

What is the project and why are you doing it?

MASC started as a final project for Joy's MSc in Primate Conservation. Joy adapted the true story of the Roloway monkey (Cercopithecus diana roloway). The resulting environmental education play and activity workshop were tested in primary schools and with a church group. The piece was found to teach children and adults environmental awareness as well as specific knowledge and give a sense of empowerment.

In September 2010, MASC was set up as a small charity. We have since taken the Roloway play to schools, youth groups and zoos in Reading and Oxford. We have developed a second piece about a baby Barbary macaque called Muna (or Teshta) and her tortoise friend Ahmed. This has a variation for a Moroccan audience (Teshta) which has a story more relevent to the North African experience of the wildlife trade. For more information on either play or the workshops see the Plays section.

We hope that our plays teach audiences conservation issues that can apply to both local and global scales. We hope to empower audiences to make changes that can make a difference to conservation by using positive conservation.

What can I expect if you come to our school/youth group?

We have limited needs when we come to visit. We normally bring one car or a van depending on the number of shows we are doing. We may also need chairs. If we have any specific requirements, such as somewhere to put up a backdrop, we will ask in advance. We are adaptable; we can perform in school halls or classrooms. In schools or for youth groups we show the play or double bill and have structured activities for the students. With smaller groups we have different activities. We will need teachers or group leaders on hand for any school or youth group performances.

What can I expect if you come to our zoo/wildlife park?

We have limited needs when we come to visit. We normally bring one or two cars depending on the number of activities and shows we are doing. We may also need tables and chairs and if we have any specific requirements we will ask in advance. We are adaptable; for zoos we are happy to do walk-up activities and show the play at certain times of day. We will run the show and activities without any supervision in a zoo.

What kind of feedback can I give?

You can email our enquiries or call us or catch us in person when we visit. We also like, when possible, to do questionnaires with those who see the play be they visitors to a zoo or wildlife park or students in a classroom or young people in a club. If you don't mind us giving out optional questionnaires in zoos and to ask a few questions after a visit in schools or youth groups then that would allow us to gain some feedback from our audience.

What will a visit cost?

We are very flexible in terms of what we charge. We normally charge £200 for a show and activity session for 60 kids and £300 for a double bill or two performances and sets of activities, but we can give reductions for needy schools or zoos where we can collect extra money from merchandise or collection buckets.


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