On 23 April the MASC website will close. The fight is not over, but we don't have time to do it justice at the moment. Thank you to everyone who supported or visited us.


At MASC we try to operate by certain guidelines. These are:

  • To have the least environmental impact with all our activities - this ranges from re-using envelopes to post things to using found and recycled items to make set and props. We use e-materials, ecologically-friendly transport, focus locally and, most importantly, illustrate the importance of this to our audiences.
  • To make all of our messages relevant on both a local and global level
  • To empower audiences to go out and make a positive change in their environments
  • To do this by making messages as positive as possible, we think that people are more likely to make a change in their lives if they feel inspired rather than scared.
  • To let humans be human. Every positive change is to be applauded, don't get upset if you slip just make it better next time
  • To promote children as the key to conservation. Children are agents of change and their potential beneficial impact on the environment is one that cannot be underestimated
  • To encourage care for the environment in everyday life for people of all ages. Conservation must be integrated with the rest of daily life if it is to have a major impact
  • To embrace and promote creative forms of teaching. The children we meet are constantly inspiring us, they think so creatively that we want to maintain that child-like openness to new ideas
  • Communal living - in the long term we would like to live communally to minimise the ecological impact of our organisation as a whole. Alice, Joy and Aoife (pictured) along with Ben and Kyle hope to set up the Lighthouse.
  • To use women as often as men in our casts whereever possible. There are fewer jobs for women in theatre and it seems sensible to give both girls and boys people to relate to in the cast
  • To be UK and Ireland-based, we will help design pieces for habitat country projects but we aim to teach local groups to be self-sufficient in teaching the messages they have chosen to the people that they understand and can relate to
  • To set up products and services to help audiences to be able to take action such as the palm oil wiki.


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