Children: Meet the monkeys

Do you want to see any of the primates that you have learnt about on the site or at a MASC activity session in real life? Then just check the list below for zoos that have those primates in the UK and Ireland.

These zoos have more than one type of primate that we teach about:

Twycross Zoo, Bristol Zoo Gardens, London Zoo (ZSL), FOTA Wildlife Park, Zoological Society of Ireland (Dublin), Flamingo Land

Barbary macaques

Edinburgh Zoo, Folly Farm, The Monkey Forest, The Monkey Sanctuary, Woburn Safari Park, Wingham Wildlife Park,

Roloway monkeys

Twycross is the only zoo in the UK but there are several in France and Germany.

Agile gibbons

Bristol Zoo Gardens, FOTA Wildlife Park, Twycross Zoo.

Black spider monkeys

Welsh Mountain Zoo, London Zoo (ZSL), Twycross Zoo.

Ring-tailed lemurs

City of Belfast Zoo, Cotswolds Wildlife Park, Zoological Society of Ireland (Dublin), Flamingo Land, Edinburgh Zoo, FOTA Wildlife Park, Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust (Jersey Zoo), London Zoo (ZSL), Newquay Zoo, Twycross Zoo, Whipsnade Wild Animal Park (ZSL), Isle of Wight Zoo.

For the full list of British and Irish zoos that keep ring-tailed lemurs click here.

White-naped mangabeys

Zoological Society of Ireland (Dublin), London Zoo (ZSL) in picture, Flamingo Land

Zoos keeping other primates from factsheets

The primates that are in our factsheets are kept in the following British and Irish zoos:

Blue-eyed black lemurs

Banham Zoo, Colchester Zoo, Edinburgh Zoo.

Japanese macaques

Highland Wildlife Park

Sumatran orang utans

Chester Zoo, Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust (Jersey Zoo)


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