Children: Mini-MASC Club

We have set up a kids club to allow children to be more involved with MASC after they have met us at school or at a wildlife park or zoo. We are planning group activities like writing to Nestle company to ask them to stop using palm oil or use sustainable palm oil.

mini-MASC Join for £5 for the year and be the first to know what we are up to as well as getting:

  • A present from MASC to say thank you
  • Newsletters with games and primate info every month
  • Your chance to enter competitions for primate prizes
  • Your chance to ‘Ask Aoife’ (who worked with orphan monkeys), primate conservation questions
  • Reduced tickets to shows
  • Money-off children's parties
  • Discount for MASC to visit your school

Coming Soon:

  • Private, safe members chat with other members and primate conservationists
  • Discount on MASC t-shirts and jumpers (and other products as they are released)

To join email Joy


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