Black spider monkey (Ateles paniscus)

Black spider monkey carrying a baby Status: Vulnerable
Threats: Hunting by humans and habitat degradation

What countries does it live in? Brazil, French Guiana, Guyana, Suriname
Where does it live? Primary, interior, high forestBlack spider monkey hanging from tree

How long does it live? 33 years
What does it eat? Fruits, leaves, flowers, bark, catepillars and termites

How big is it? As big as a Basset hound
How does it talk? Loud calls 'ook-barking' to scare ground predators. Whinnies in greeting

Black spider monkey profileWho does it live with? Shifting groups. Males in charge
What does it do? Noisy travellers, try to scare predators on the ground by shaking branches and making a lot of noise.

How does it walk? On four legs, dangling, climbing, leaping, walking on two legs on branches
Where could you find it? In the day in the trees


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