Ring-tailed lemur (Lemur catta)

Group of lemur cattaStatus: Near Threatened
Threats: Slash and burn and hunting for meat and pets

What country does it live in? Southern Madagascar, Africa
Where does it live? Scrub, spiny desert, dry forest

Lemur catta on a rockHow long does it live? 27 years
What does it eat? Fruit, leaves, flowers, bark, sap, herbs

How big is it? As big as a rabbit
How does it talk? To keep a group together 'miaow' call, loud territorial call in males, alarm calls

Who does it live with? Many males & females, females in charge
What does it do? Sunbathing. Males have 'stink fights' when they rub smelly glands on their wrists on their tails then fight. The smelliest tail wins.

How does it walk? On four legs, runs on the ground
Where could you find it? In the day and in the trees. It is the lemur that is most on the ground


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