Mountain gorilla (Gorilla, gorilla, beringei)

How are they different from other gorillas? Longer coat than other gorillas because they live high up in the mountains. Completely black with pronounced silverbacks in the male in charge
How long does it live? 40 to 50 years

What does it eat? Leaves, stems, roots, flowers, fruit, animal prey
How big is it? As much as a baby elephant, males are bigger

Who does it live with? One male with many females. Silverback defends troop not land

How does it walk? Knuckle walking, tree climbing occasionally on two legs
Where could you find it? In the day on the ground

Status: Endangered
Threats: Habitat destruction and hunting (for bushmeat and traditional medicines)

What countries do they live in? In mountains in Uganda, Rwanda, Zaire, Africa
What does it do? They nest in the evening using non-food plants on the ground. Young gorillas are more likely to climb than adults




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