Rondo bushbaby (Galagoides rondoensis)

Status: Critically Endangered
Threats: Habitat destruction due to logging

How long does it live? 13 years
What does it eat? Animal prey, fruit, gums, leaves and buds

Who does it live with? On it's own but sleeps in groups
What does it do? They use their scent to mark where they have been and to communicate with each other. They also have lots of different sounds they make to communicate over long distances in the dark

How does it walk? Walks on all fours
How does it talk? Chirps, grunts and squawks

When and where could you find it? At night in the trees
What country does it live in? Small in United Republic of Tanzania, Africa

Where does it live? Dry forest on the coast and scrub.
How big is it? As big as a hamster (Females are lighter)


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