Barbary macaque (Macaca sylvanus)

Status: Endangered
Threats: Habitat destruction and capture for pets

How long does it live? 33years
What does it eat? Fruit, seeds, leaves, bark, pine needles, bird eggs, small animals

How big is it? Same as a beagle (males generally larger)
How does it talk? Contact calls coos, squeals when another monkey is in charge, different alarm calls for different predators

What country does it live in? Gibraltor, Europe; Morocco & Algeria, Africa. It's the only primate found in Europe.
Where does it live? Lots of forests, including oak and cedar.

Who does it live with? Many males & females. More females. Strong female hierarchy, infants have mother's rank. Males have less rigid hierarchy. Highly social
What do they do? They play with all of the babies even if they are not the parents.

How does it walk? On all fours
Where would you find it? In the day on the ground and in trees


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