Children: At School

You can do things at school as well as at home to help the planet and the animals that live on it. Here are some ideas:

  • You could arrange to do a class or school litterpick. Give each class or year an area and run a competition for how clean you can get it
  • You could have a colouring competition with the colouring-in sheets or where you each make a poster to teach people about conservation and what people can do.
  • Spelling competitions of conservation words
  • Have a go at pond skimming, see what is living in a local pond, you just need nets and something to let you see the hundreds of little things up close.
  • Go on nature walks, see what plants and animals you see and make a note so you can look them up later
  • Have a class wild garden/ pet
  • Do a fundraiser, get people to sponsor you for the number of words you can spell, the number of palm oil-free chocolate bars you can eat in a minute or how long you can be silent
  • If your school has a fete, hold a bakesale for a conservation charity. Use palm oil-free recipes and teach people while they eat tasty cakes!
  • If you do any of these things don't forget to email us and tell us so we can help out (we could give you prizes or be guest judges!)


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