Explore these pages to find out about some primates that are threatened by palm oil. Some are more than others but all these apes, monkeys and prosimians (like lemurs and bushbabys) are under threat by some kind of human activity.

Learn about them so maybe when you have the chance you can help them too.

Find out what you can do to help monkeys everywhere.

If you had a visit from the MASC team then why not print off your mask or a factsheet?

If you want a new or a bigger version of the Roloway, squirrel monkey or loris colouring-in sheet you can download one.

Ask your parents to download a recipe which is palm-oil free and make it with them. See which zoos you can visit that keep the primates you have learned about.

Join our Mini-MASC Club and get factsheets and your chance to chat to conservationsists who are working with primates in the wild and in sanctuaries all over the world.


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