Action: Get political

If you want to make an impact on any of the conservation issues we teach about then you could write to your local MP or MEP about one of the issues. Find your local representatives using your postcode and use one of our templates or write your own letter to them. Thanks to campaigns like this the law has been changed in the EU and vegetable oil will be labelled clearly as the specific plant it comes from. This shows the power of the individual to petition their elected representatives! Alternatively download a postcard that you can post with your child (one side is a colouring-in MASC logo for them).

Alternatively there are many petition sites that have one or more petitions dedicated to these issues. One that might be useful is Rainforest Rescue. Also by joining our Facebook group or liking our Facebook page you will recieve updates and useful petitions when we find them.

Palm oil

Although palm oil labelling is on the horizon there are several other issues relating to palm oil that still need political action. In March 2013 MPs decided to allow the use of palm oil in bio-fuel power stations. This is devastating for the rainforest since it only means a further increase in demand for palm oil and that means more loss of habitat and biodiversity. If you wanted to ask your local MP or MEP to support a moratorium on converting land in South East Asia into palm oil plantations either use our template or write a personal message. Making even a small change to a template makes it more likely to get through since there are filters to remove mass-mailing on most politicians' email.

Or you can email Worthing Council on: to ask them to not to build a bio-mass run power station in Shoreham that will run mostly on palm oil.

Or to Green Investment Bank to ask them to stop funding deforestation on:,,,

Thank you to Biofuel Watch UK for the wording for both of these.

Otherwise you can write directly to companies such as Unilever, which uses a huge amount of palm oil and is the head of the RSPO so have a large amount of impact on the palm oil-extraction industry.

Exotic pets

The banning of the keeping of primates as pets in the UK is the first priority on this front. Use our template and/or use your own words to ask for the support of your local MP for the campaign to ban leeping primates as pets in the UK. You can sign the overall petition to the government too. Thank you to Wild Futures for the wording.

Or write to YouTube about a video that portrays animal abuse.


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