Meet the Team

MASC is the brain-child of Joy Iliff but is made up of a mixture of conservationists and theatre folk who are all trying to teach about conservation in schools and zoos using theatre and hands-on activities. Primates are our focus as they reflect our areas of expertise and are wonderfully charismatic and popular animals. We are all very different and we use our specialist skills to ensure our message is clear and effective.

The team - a collaboration of theatre and conservation experts

Trustee or volunteer Role  
Joy Iliff Founder
Aoife Healy Graphic Designer and admin support
Aoife Healy
Ben Lawson Director and Theatre Secretary
Andrew Walmsley, 2011
Kyle Pocock (volunteer) Website and administrative support and general monkey
Alice Bartlett Theatrical and administrative support
Charlotte Lambourne Secretary
Charlotte Lambourne
Susan Cheyne Treasurer
Susan Cheyne


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