The Next Step

The project is just beginning. We have two plays that have visited a few schools and zoos, our first international show in May and at least two more collaborations for later in 2013. The next step is showing both existing shows to as many people as possible. If you book either show for your institution or group then you are helping us toward our long term goals. Joy is about to start a PhD, showing Save Your Last Rolo-way to schools, measuring the impact of the play to change shopping behaviours, if you would be interested in being a participating school then contact Joy.

Vision of the future

For us the most important thing is that we practice what we preach, we don’t want to be damaging our environment while we are trying to persuade others to save it. As such our long term goalJoy Iliff, 2011 is to have our own green property.

This will be more than just a place to work. We hope to have a large plot of land with all our stores (costume, lighting, set, props) and to allow employees to live on-site. Communal living is an environmentally sound lifestyle. All the buildings would be built in a low-impact way out of local, traditional building materials. We hope to be as close to self-sufficient as possible. To learn more about low-impact living see Simon Dale's beautiful website.Simon Dale

We hope to have the Theatre in Education (TiE) side of the company running, with plays for various ages focussing on different species. Additionally we would like to have an adult theatre company which performs plays that can be produced in an ethical and environmental way.


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