On 23 April the MASC website will close. The fight is not over, but we don't have time to do it justice at the moment. Thank you to everyone who supported or visited us.

MASC (Monkeys Acting in Schools for Conservation) is a theatre in environmental education charity. We use theatre to teach children about positive conservation. Our aims are to empower audiences to make a difference to conservation both globally and locally.

Norbert Becker, 2010The first project we developed is a play about Roloway monkeys and palm oil for families and primary school students. This is with the support of WAPCA.

Our second project is about Barbary macaques and the pet trade in exotic animals. It has two versions, one suitable for a British, and the other, a Moroccan audience. This piece is in collaboration with BMCRif and with the support of the PSGB and Wild Futures.

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Photo courtesy of BMCRifWe have pages for children, hirers and collaborators, our plays and activities and how you can make a difference. Catch up on our latest events and announcements, help out, read about our team and what we plan for the future. And always email us if you want to, we love to hear from people.

Interested in MASC visiting your school, zoo or wildlife park? Please get in contact or download a flyer for more information. Read our schools' brochure or our zoos' brochure to find out what we can offer you.

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